Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The little plant that keeps on giving




One of our neighbors gave us a bulb (or whatever it was) last summer - or was it the summer before? Anyway, I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to plant it so I stuck it in a (ugly) plastic pot while I thought about it. It came to us in a little styrofoam cup and I really didn't have much hope for it. We just stuck it out in the back corner of the yard and as you can see it just keeps coming back! I swear we don't do anything to it, It dies off in the winter and we just leave it there/ We didn't cover it the few days we had really cold weather but it came back anyway. Every once in a blue moon hubby will squirt it with some miracle grow. I want to put it in a pretty pot for next summer. Now that I know it will come back, but I guess I'll have to wait until it dies back again. Gives me time to shop - I would love one of those pretty mosaic pots but unless I find one on sale I will have to look for something a bit cheaper. (for reference of the size of the leaves, that is a dinner plate in the pot) I need to slip out back and take a picture of the one next door - she had a whole panel of lattice work put up for hers to grow on and it is huge!
Well, that's all I've got today. The little bit of sewing I've done is on a Christmas gift so I can't show that and I am still trying to decide if I want to take out a whole set of letters on the FAS before I show it, I'm really hoping I can work around it - it is silk thread on 36 ct fabric and I doubt I would be able to match the floss since I bought it 8 years ago.
Hope you are having a great week! 

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Terry said...

I remember that, but it just keeps getting more beautiful! It hardly looks real! Sorry I haven't written, I am still here! Terry