Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello friends

Went out of town for a couple of days last week to take care of some things and visit with my parents. I had started coughing the day before I left and it seemed to get worse while I was there - I don't know if they have something blooming there that we don't here or what, but whether it is a cold or a severe case of allergies I'm getting tired of it. It is getting old now and I wish it to go away!

I have managed to finally finish one of the get-a-way projects. This is the pin round we got to stitch on the first night. I don't think it was supposed to take so long to stitch but for some reason it was designed to stitch with one ply of a 3 ply silk. I will never, ever split 3 ply silk again! I have a hard enough time stitching with silk floss anyway - my hands are always too rough and I get pulls and snags. 
 Anyway - it is a cute pattern even if my angel has a rather irritated expression on her face. Kinda like the one I was having while separating that floss. Mine isn't stuffed quite as tight as it could be but I wasn't going to take it apart and re-do it. It says 'Simple Pleasures' on it but it's hard to see in the photo.

If I had been sure I would have enough for the other projects we were going to get over the weekend I would have just stitched the thing with all three ply and been a happy camper (we always get several projects and some, if not all, the threads will be the same). The other projects don't require separating the floss, thank goodness! I'll get to them soon I hope.

I've got another project going right now with cotton floss and it is so much faster! This one has a time limit on it so I want to finish it before I pull the other retreat pieces out to start on. I'm still not speedy but at least I am not having to cut off pieces of shredded floss.

I've got a roast and veggies in the crock-pot for dinner so we can be ready to watch 24 tonight. I doubt I'll be doing much stitching while that is on - I always make mistakes when I tried to stitch and watch 24 - I hope it doesn't disappoint.

We have been enjoying some nice weather - hope you have too. All too soon we will be complaining about it being too hot - I will be in the front of that line. I had a couple of pieces of furniture I wanted to get painted but I may have waited a bit too late - they may have to wait until fall. I'm a fair weather painter - either the weather has to be nice or I have to be able to paint it inside - I know I can do one of them inside and maybe the other one too but I'll have to go outside for the sanding part. I'll have to think on that one a bit. 


Terry said...

Very cute! I think you are very speedy!

Robin said...

What a cute piece you have stitched and put together, Tina! Not fond of splitting 3 ply of any thread.

Enjoy your week and hope your cough goes away soon!

Robin in Virginia

Mouse said...

love the finish I want to try to do a drum keep ... any tips ???
hope your cough goes soon .... love mouse xxxx