Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's a sign!

It used to be a desk. These boards were the top of a desk that belonged to hubby's dad. The thing literally fell apart and the rest was thrown away. I have no idea what the rest was made out of but hubby wanted to keep these because they are red oak and he thought we could use them for something someday.

 When we moved here we had this big empty wall going up the stairs and I thought I would clean them up and make some kind of sign with them. First I had to get the individual boards back in the right order, then I thought I would paint it and put a vinyl decal of some kind on it, but when I started sanding, I kinda liked the look of the bare wood. Yep - me, the girl that will paint anything that doesn't move decided I might like the bare wood look.

 So - hubby took the belt sander to it and it cleaned up all nice and pretty then I stenciled a saying on it and we hung it in that big blank space (we are only coming up on 5 years in this house so I got right on it! LOL)

 We both saw this quote at different times and liked it so I got out the black sharpie and  then sprayed a clear coat of sealer on it.

This last picture looks kinda wonky but I was trying to get a good shot of the color of the wood. It is hanging over my head on the corner wall going up the stairs so this was the best I could do without risking my neck. 
Can't believe I waited so long to finally do this. It only took 2 days ( only because we let the glue dry overnight before we took the clamps off, other wise it would have been a one day project) 

Hope you are all having a great week!


Terry said...

I love it! Sometimes you just have to wait until the right thing for a space comes to you. (You will see lots of empty when y'all come to visit!)

Robin said...

Great looking sign, Tina! I really like the bare wood you kept from the desk that fell apart. It looks right at home in that space as well! Enjoy it!

Robin in Virginia

PS Someone should chart it for cross stitch.

Maggee said...

I came across your blog while blog hopping today! What a great project! It is a wonderful piece, perfect in that spot! Hugs!