Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

I know, I'm a few days late but better late than never.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great week. Hubby took the week off work (actually he took two!). I was sidelined by a migraine the first day baby boy and his bride were here and barely got to say hello to them, but I enjoyed the rest of the week (as much as one can with a migraine hangover). We made a day trip to Jacksonville to see family there, then we spent the rest of the week just hanging out around here and enjoying visiting. It was nice to have a full house. There was lots of noise and clutter but I loved every minute of it!  It is pretty quiet here today (hubby's first day back at work) but it is going to be a busy week - more on that later.

I had someone who was going to come take some family pics but she had a family emergency and ended up being out of town while the kids were all here so when we were heading out for a walk Christmas day we caught a neighbor outside and had him snap a few for us. This was the best one - I know not why we tried to wrangle the dogs in the pic. We did take some more with ye old selfie stick - maybe I'll show a few of those later. :)

I didn't get a lot of any kind of crafty stuff done while the house was full, but hopefully I can get back to that next week.

Got all my Christmas fluff put away, now I just need to do some heavy duty dusting and get the regular fluff back in place. (after I find it - I tend to forget what went where and where I stashed it! am I the only one who does that?)

Guess I better go fluff! 

Have a great week!


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, what a super family photo! You corralled the dogs because they are part of the family. Sorry you had to deal with a migraine while the kids were all in town. Hope you find all your fluff!

Terry said...

I love that Nicholas and Autumn! This is a perfect photo!

Terri said...

You have a very nice looking family! And the dogs are family too, so of course they should be in the pictures! :-)