Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The monster


A couple of months ago I found out there was a 'fiber and yarn' group that meets at the clubhouse here in our subdivision so I thought I would give it a try - just to meet some people that I might have something in common with. It has been kind of hit and miss with the holidays but anyway - I thought it would just be people meeting to work on their own projects while visiting with each other but the first night I went they were doing a project so I went out and got the needed items for the bag they were going to make. Well, by the time the meeting was over my bag looked, well, not like a bag! I guess I should say the only thing I crochet is borders around baby blankets and I've only done a few of those. I know nothing about crochet except I like the rhythm of the hook and yarn - it reminds me of my great-grandmother. So, anyway, when I got home I knew that what I had was never going to be a bag so I took it out and went to you tube for crochet instructions thinking I might make a throw so as to not waste the skein of yarn. Found one showing the chain stitch - it said now make about 200 then come back. I didn't count mine, I just kept making them until it was pretty long. Next step was a single crochet - again she said make 200 then come back. Well, I went down my chain and turned around and started back. Seven skeins of yarn later this is what I have. I'm trying to decide if I want to buy one more or call this monster done. 

In the meantime, I have 3 cross stitch projects in various stages of unfinished at my stitching chair (we don't discuss the projects upstairs) I have them stacked because they are all gifts and I don't want to give anything away. The cream thread on the top one is silk and I'm having a hard time with it - winter hands are not really compatible with silk thread.

That's it for today - will see what kind of photos I can find for next time. I do still have some close-ups of the Christmas tree I haven't posted yet.


Robin in Virginia said...

I think your 'monster' looks great. Your cross stitch WIPs look good as well. So, does the group decide on a specific project or could you work on your own stuff like your stitching?

Rue said...

I like the monster too. Much better than a bag, I think :)

I'm so glad your whole family was together for Christmas. I know how much you enjoyed it and that's a great picture of all of you.

hugs to you,

Terry said...

Very nice! The big afghans are the best for covering up! Your stitching is beautiful!