Monday, January 11, 2016

Playing catch up

I don't know if I will ever get caught up. After basically taking 3 weeks 'off' (as much as a wife/mother can take 'off') I've got a lot of catching up to do. 
The girlfriends and I actually got together before Christmas this year but since I haven't gotten around to showing those pics, I thought I would do that today.

 We always do the bag full of little things kinda gift exchange. We collect things all year round then sometimes we forget we bought something. :)
Anyway the photo above and the one below are my goodies from Sarah.

 These are soaps! They smell so good but I'm afraid they might be too pretty to actually use!

 And this was my bag from Sandra. Yep - I've got two of those Joanns calendars! (lots of coupons!) They both had the same idea - I almost did the same thing, glad I didn't.

This was an extra in my bag from Sandra - it is my birthday gift (my birthday is in July) She kept forgetting it when we were going to see each other. I've been known to be a bit late on birthday gifts too - it's nice to have friends that don't mind when you are a little late!

I would be a lot closer to catching up (and maybe having some more recent photos) but we were out of town again last week. Our oldest started a new job today so we were moving him to Houston. Thought we were through with the moving bit in 2009! He moved out of a second story apartment and into a third story one. That's a lot of steps! Thankfully my dad helped get him loaded in Tyler and Timothy came to help unload. Never could have done it without them! 

Well, I've got lots of catching up to do around here. Catch up with you again in a few days!

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Robin in Virginia said...

What super goodies you received from your friends, Tina! Glad you were able to get your son moved and know you were happy to have the extra help.