Monday, April 25, 2016

Some stitching

I had a whole post ready to go and I lost it. Dang it!
While all the rain was coming down last week I got some stitching in. I can't remember if I showed the projects from the getaway or not so I'm throwing that one in first. 
 The open piece folds up to make a slice of cake. Too cute!
These are the samples we had to look at. Nobody but Pam (shop owner) knows what we are going to stitch until Friday evening. She is probably already stitching on stuff for next year!

 I didn't add the little scattered stitches to the one on the right - I've got a little bee button I am going to use. (these are all on the same  color  fabric - some just look different) I actually finished the stitching on that one at the getaway - I think that is a first!

 This goes on the back of the cake

 The top opens up and this goes there to make a little scissor pocket.

 This is the top of the cake (inside) - I changed the orange to pink - so mine is a little different from everyone else.

 I stitched this to go on the little 'muffin' pin cushion that goes inside instead of the chart for it, again, I'm different. 

This goes on the little pillow with the scissor pocket. 

I didn't stitch the bird for the pincushion - he just really didn't speak to me but I will find something I can stitch to go with the fabrics.

There ya have it. 

On to the next project.

Have a great week!


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, what fun pieces you stitched! I like your changes and look forward to seeing them all put together in finished form.

Terry said...

Cute things! Fast stitching!