Wednesday, June 8, 2016


 Game room - can't see the tv from here but it is directly across from the sofa. (I'm glad we will have movers to get that sofa downstairs!)

 Guest room # 1

 Guest room # 2

Guest bathroom

 My sewing room/office. 


 We added the patio the first year we were here. There was just a little pad barely big enough to hold a door mat. Hubby loves it back here. 

We also added the little storage shed - just a few months ago (we had no idea we would be moving at that time) As you can see, we have a green space behind us so we have only had neighbors on the sides. We have some great neighbors - we are going to miss them!

That's the grand tour. After we move maybe I will find time to look for comparison photos - from when we moved here, while we were living here and these 'staged' shots. It looks much different than when we moved in. It was all builder beige - every square inch.

Now the fun part of bringing all the stuff back from storage so it can be sorted between what we will have room for at the apartment and what will have to go into storage until we find a house. So much fun.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Tina, thanks for the tour. It is too bad you can't just uproot the house and take it with you.