Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In between

 In between packing boxes I managed to finish this little piece. Not sure what I am going to do with it from here - just hope I can find it after the move!

Just in case the recipient happens to read this post I covered the 'give away' part. :)

Pulled thread and fabric for a new project before I packed up all my stitching stuff. I have this project and one more that aren't packed away. I still have to clean off my sewing table and get that stuff boxed up but the rest of my sewing/stitching room is packed, I'm holding off on the computer as long as I can. I do have all but one drawer of the file cabinet packed. Not sure how much overlap there will be with utilities so I may end up without internet for a few days at the end of the month. Not that I have a whole lot of time to spend on it at the moment but I do need to get started with changing addresses before I loose access.

Well, just thought I would pop in and say hi while I had a minute - and that minute is up!


Terry said...

The stitching is beautiful! I love the fibers for the new project too.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your finish is stunning, Tina! Look forward to see your next start. What lovely colors!

Mouse said...

good luck with the move and wow that sweetheart tree pattern is gorgeous :) ... looking forward to progress photos on your new start :) love mouse xxxxx