Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We said good-bye

Movers came last Monday and loaded us up

It took them all day to load then we drove to Tyler so we would be here when they arrived with the truck. We arrived at 3:30 am - as it turns out we could have waited until Tuesday morning to drive in since they didn't show up until nearly noon but we would have been on the floor in the house and we at least had an air mattress here.

 Drove back on Wednesday to finish cleaning up the house (took the air mattress with us) and spent the night. 

Thursday morning we drove away for the last time. Signed the papers and now the pretty yellow house belongs to someone else. Bittersweet.

I am currently surrounded by a sea of boxes. We are temporarily in a 1010sf apartment and I can't find anything. We have stuff stored (packed front to back and to the top) in two garages on the property plus the second bedroom is full except a spot just big enough for me to get to the computer.. I keep sending boxes to storage but I'm still surrounded. I can't find anything - I was in a hurry when I packed and I did a terrible job of labeling boxes. I do know where a couple of kitted projects are but I don't have time to work on them right now. 

We did locate a house we like last week (after moving into the apartment) but we haven't made an offer yet. I won't say anymore than that - don't want to jinx it!

Much to do but just wanted to stop by and say hello from the land of moving boxes.

I will try to pop in again soon.


Terry said...

Thinking of you through each step, my dear friend!

Robin in Virginia said...

I am certain it was bittersweet for you. You continue to be in my thoughts as you house hunt and make adjustments.

Nan S. said...

Welcome to Tyler!!! It is a wonderful place to live.

Mike Raven said...

Hope you get settled soon, and enjoy those roses!!