Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Can't find the cord to my camera so I can't download new photos - I will have to wait until after we move for that (not that I've taken any - but I do know where my camera is) I was going through old photos and found this one from the house before last. I love blue hydrangeas and I could never get one to bloom blue in Houston. Even the one that I bought with blue blooms on it bloomed pink after those first blooms were gone. Oh well. Maybe when we get into a house here I can try again. 

Guess if I want to stop in and say hey I will have to stick with old photos until I find my cord. (mind you, I'm not really looking - I see no reason to open boxes just to pack them up again in a few weeks). Hope you don't mind if I recycle old photos. 

Sunny and warm here. Hope you are having a great week.


Robin in Virginia said...

I like seeing 'recycled' pictures. But for that matter, any post with picture or not, is okay with me. I wonder if it was the difference in soil.

Terry said...

Will the new house have enough shade for hydrangeas? I have a Thea Governeur kit of blue hydrangeas to stitch...somewhere! Happy birthday again!

Sunshine said...

Hydrangeas have always been one of my favorites - what a beautiful blue hue.