Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Best laid plans . . .

Just a random picture from the files. I have no new pictures to show at the moment.

When we first learned we were going to be moving we started looking for a house to purchase and were hoping for a house to house move. After a few weeks we realized that window had closed so we rented an apartment. (and two storage garages - you can't put 2300sf into 1010sf no matter how hard you try!) anyway - the plan was to move into the apartment and let everything settle down a bit then get back into house hunting. Well - while we were in the process of moving in (literally) my dad came across a house he thought we should look at. We looked. We liked. If it all works out, I'll show pictures soon. Keep your fingers crossed! In the mean time, I'm not unpacking anything that I don't have an immediate need for. 

Get to see the middle kidlet today. He is at church camp near here (not as a camper, he works for a church) and he is carving out a precious few hours to come have lunch with mom and dad!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!
Hope to be back soon!


Terry said...

Hope the lunch visit was great!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your lunch with the middle one! Hope the move to the found house goes smoothly. Thinking of you, Tina!