Friday, March 29, 2019

An anniversary and Fun With Flags

Hello!  There is sunshine out there but there are also some black clouds looming.

Hubby and I celebrated 40 years this past weekend. Our actual 'celebration' will take place in a few weeks when we make a trip to NYC. Baby boy has lived there 9 years and this will be our first trip - should be fun!

The annual 3 Stitches get-away was this past weekend and our theme this year was Fun With Flags.

Really cute projects! That odd looking piece is actually a needlebook. It has an American flag on one side and a Texas flag on the other. 

All the goodies with which to make the projects - including finishing fabrics.

As you can see, the room isn't that large so this fun weekend is limited to 40. Those attending have first shot at next years get-away. I've already signed up! (there is a waiting list for any spots that open up)

That's Pam - our hostess. I hope no one is in witness protection! LOL 

One lady made these cute cookies - one for everyone. Almost too cute to eat - almost.

Some goodies - the needle minders on the top left were made for everyone attending by a very nice person attending. I bought the bunny and the other things were handed out during the weekend. I might make that flag into a needle minder.

I was a good girl at shop night. Besides the bunny, I only bought the stitching bird chart. The other chart I got in the mail the day before I left so I thought I would throw it in the picture. I might have ordered a chart or three during show and tell after shopping.

Door prizes! The piece on the left is a scarf. 
I can't wait to use the little chest in my 4th of July decor.

We have a gift exchange - this is what was in mine. The pincushion (on top of the tumbler) has scissor pocket on back. Yes, the candy got opened before the picture.

These things got left out of the other pictures. The zipper pouch was also in my gift bag and the other two things were more handouts. 

I know some people get a lot of stitching done at retreats - not me. First, I'm a slow stitcher. Second, I'm easily distracted and there is lots going on in that room! 

That's it for the get-away wrap up.

Monday I spent most of the day helping dad (he jacked up his arm) so I didn't get much done here, then something caught me Tuesday - started with a sore throat and by the end of the day I had fever and started coughing. Felt like I was coughing up a lung. Finally went to the doctor yesterday. One of the meds he gave me I couldn't get until today since the pharmacy didn't have it in stock - and they could have told me it tastes like crap! YUCK   
So far I'm fever free today but if I get hot I start coughing so I'm not getting a lot done. I'm trying to clean out my side of the closet but it's going slow. One thing is for sure - it ain't going anywhere so I'll get to it eventually!

Hopefully by next time, I'll have my Easter decor out.

That's it. Hope you weren't too bored!


Terry said...

I love your stuff and stories! Not bored at all!

Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, I enjoyed your recap of the retreat you attended. It looks like it is lots of fun. I like signing up before leaving as well! You came away with lots of cool things and I really love this year's projects. Wishing you a belated happy anniversary!