Saturday, February 9, 2008

The birthday boy

Today the middle kidlet is 24 years old. This morning I baked his favorite cake - I promise they usually look better than this! This has to be the worst looking cake I've ever made. Can't believe I'm actually posting a picture.

This is the 'good side'. I really should have taken a picture before I covered the pitiful thing with frosting. Tasted good, but I'm sure glad I wasn't making it to take somewhere!
Now - the birthday boy is more camera shy than his mother (if that is possible) so when I went looking for pictures of him to post, all I could find were either group photos or one of those where he was making some kind of 'you aren't really going to take my picture, are you', face - or there are those where all you get is a blob on the move because he was trying to dodge the camera, were about all I could find. I thought I would get a picture of him at dinner tonight (the chicken spaghetti looked better than the cake!)

I'm guessing he must have had a pretty good day. He usually works at least part of the day on Saturday but today he slept till noon. He never did put on a shirt and I don't think he combed his hair all day. So, here he is, in his t-shirt and mussed up hair. What life, huh?

Even though he didn't go 'to' work today, he brought 'work' home. He is building a computer for the youth building. (he is the 'tech' guy at our church, if it doesn't work - no matter what it is - call Timothy!) He was back in his room and busy again right after dinner. He never has been much of a sit and do nothing kind of person. He is either asleep, or on the move. On or off - he only has two speeds. LOL
I think I told the story about his entrance into the world back on one of those 'things about me' posts. This is the child that was born in the car on the way to the hospital. He was in a hurry to get here I guess! It was 16 days before his due date and no I didn't wait too long to leave - he was just fast! He was walking at 9 months, running by 10 months and he was/is a curious little guy. Yep - it has been an interesting 24 years. I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I have a couple of tags I need to respond to - I will get to that sometime in the next couple of days - right now I'm headed to my stitching chair!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Timothy! I think your cake looks good :)


Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to Timothy! Your cake looks good enough to eat!! Your son is cute, even if he isn't fixed up for the camera!

Lapplisor said...

Which for an entrance in the life... full travel, at quite high speed...
I would like to send also still to mine congratulations on the birthday, and think, the cake tasted magnificent!
Take care Barbara

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Timothy! That's funny about him having two speeds. I think your cake looks yummy and anyway it's all about how it tastes.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are talking about... that cake looks GOOD... Is it Hummingbird Cake?....
Happy birthday Timothy.

Margo said...

Happy BD timothy!!!!!
Hope it was a good one. Any cake is good cake.