Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Heart on a string

I needed some Valentine decor so I stitched up these little hearts the other day - I am still trying to make peace with the beast. I was just trying out different heart shapes - they seemed to either turn out be bigger than I thought, or smaller than I thought. I still haven't got the right size, but I did get a good shape on some others I have in a bowl, but they need a little 'something' before I can call them finished. I'll work on that a bit tomorrow.
Need to decide what I want to take for stitch night tomorrow - I'm thinking my next ornament would be good if I could decide what ornament I want to stitch next! The list of cute ornaments is just way to long.


Michelle said...


Your hearts are precious.. I love them all. I thought about pulling my machine out and trying this..You've inspired me.


Kay said...


Your hearts are great, they look like the perfect size to me!

Jennifer said...

Come see me. I awarded you. :-)

Lapplisor said...

Your sewn hearts please me all very well. You worked very beautiful gifts.
Take care Barbara

Margo said...

Those look cute on "my" cabinet. No it's yours now, and it has a better home, I love it white.

BTW I tagged you, read my blog for details.

Esther Sunday said...

I think they are precious! Love, Esther

Anonymous said...

Your hearts look pretty! I may make some today if I have time.