Monday, December 15, 2008

One place you should never go

Is on a step ladder that puts you high enough to see the top of the door facings and the tops of tall furniture!
I finally got around to hanging the Red Thread Sampler.

Not the best of pictures but it is so long it is hard to get a good one. I have it hanging over the doorway between the living room and dining room. We have 8' ceilings and there isn't a lot of room above the doors so I framed it without a mat - obviously it would not have fit if I had used a mat!

This picture is for Nola

She asked about the French doors in the dining room. As you can see, if they opened in to the room it would be very crowded so we put in out-swing doors. Where the doors are now and over to about where the left side of the framed apron (which, btw was my grandmother's) there used to be a set of 4 windows and on the right where the mirror is hanging is where the back door was before we changed it up. Somewhere around here there are pictures of what this room looked like before - however, those pictures were pre-digital camera so I'll have to work on finding them. I found one from the outside but not inside.
Once again this Texas weather is the pits. Last night we left here around 4:45 to go to a Christmas party - it was 68 degrees. When we got home at 8:30, it was still 68. This morning when I got up - 36 degrees, and they are saying twenties tonight. Argh.
Have a great Monday.


staci said...

A perfect place to hang your Red Thread! And your dining room looks very pretty...a really clever idea to frame your grandmother's apron!!!

Bo said...

Oh Tina...I love our Texas weather, 'cuz we never know what's a'comin'...heehee! BTW, love the beautiful sampler & French doors steal my heart! ;-) Bo

Brenda Pruitt said...

What is it with this weather? I've got to drive to Oklahoma day after tomorrow. And it's bad enough there. Now I have to worry about here too! Oh, I love your artwork. You're right. Any bigger and it wouldn't have fit!

LoriRay said...

I love your Bent Creek Red Thread piece! It looks wonderful!