Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is what the outside of the house looks like when the lights come on at dusk. I'll try to get an after dark picture soon.
No internet or cable yesterday morning and I really had planned on posting! That would have been two days in a row. :) We had some pretty good storms blow through during the night. It thundered so much at one point I could hear the plate collage on the bedroom wall rattle. The storms made way for colder weather. It was sleeting a few minutes ago but I think it has stopped for now. I could have told you they had predicted 'snow flurries possible' (before I ever saw the news last night) when I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store yesterday. If you live in east Texas you know what I mean! Just the mention of the possibility of snow flurries and there won't be a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk to be found!


Brenda Pruitt said...

What a sweet, ginger-breadish house you have! I so love the look of those type houses. I have ice crystals/snow outside scattered about this morning. Don't even know what to call them since I so rarely see them!

nwalker said...

It is very cold here in this Southeast Texas town too!Your house looks so festive. I need to get going on my decorations. I'm lagging behind this year.Stay warm and have a great day.

Andrea said...

It's that way in North Texas too, trust me! These people go NUTS if the weatherman mentions a snow flurry or heaven forbid, SLEET!!
Your house is too cute!

annemarie said...

Your house is absolutely beautiful - so festive. We are actually getting sleet right now (north Houston). This weather does make it seem more holiday like but I am freezing-even though the house is warm. Kroger was so busy this morning - just like you said - of course I was one of those there buying milk, bread and soup!!

Judyjo said...

Your home could be featured on a Christmas card. Very beautiful and peaceful-looking. I miss snow. From Florida.