Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pillows for Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, I can show a few of the things I made for gifts this year. For my nieces I made these pillows.

They were fun, and I learned a few things along the way.
For my friend, Sherry, I made this pillow

again, it is a learning experience. Just hope I remember the things I should have done differently by the time I get around to making more pillows!
Taking my time getting the Christmas stuff down - I see no need to rush!


Lorilee said...

Umm, I was waiting to learn what you learned along the way! I have started a "quilt" from denim with the seams frayed. I am cutting up old jeans. What did you use? How did you get the edges to fray nicely?

Karen said...

I love the pillows for the girls. That looks like a lot of work. Good job! I'm impressed.

Brenda Pruitt said...

You just stitch yourself up a storm, don't you? I use to do the same thing, a decade ago. I so hope arthritis doesn't ever put a stop to your beloved hobby, as it pretty much did for me. And if it ever does, let's hope you have a bevy of wonderful stitched items all around you, as I do, to remember it by when you end up out to pasture in the garden. Happy New Year, blogging friend!

Linda said...

Happy New Year Tina!
Neat pillows the girls are sure to love them. I have been trying to catch up....loved seeing all your Christmas decorations and your Charlie Brown tree is too cute! Love your name scissor fob...I'm going to try making some.

All the best to you and your in 2009...hugs, Linda

staci said...

Really cute pillows! Happy New Year Tina!!!

Kathy said...

What cute pillows. You really have been busy with the sewing machine.