Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, our application for approval to keep the 'wood and glass structure' on the front porch was denied. Since we have no patio in the back we moved inside. (well, I guess technically we have a patio but nothing more than a door mat will fit on it)

I still say it is not a 'structure' but what do I know.
(I know whoever is making these decisions wouldn't know 'cottage' if it bit them on the backside).

I mean, could it scream 'cottage' any louder?
Here is what I replaced it with

How's that for 'cottage'?
(my little cottage 'structure' is now parked in my bedroom - it is currently empty, any ideas for decorating it for inside?)


Anonymous said...

Grrr! I will never buy a house where they have a homeowner's association again. They are a big pain in the

Anonymous said...

I am sorry!
hmm..ideas.......glass cloches mounted on mossy things of different heights with collectibles inside..such as pocket watch, family pics, anything like that. Or maybe pretty quilts and linens stored in there..maybe some stitching in easels and stitchy collectibles..maybe a little tea set and some old books stacked..pretty candles...just things with different heights. ?
Terry in Arlington

Anonymous said...

Awww Tina, that is too bad! I can't believe they "poo poohed" your cottage!

I think filling it with quilts, pillows, and/or stitching would be lovely!

Robin in VA

All things beautiful said...

Oh, what a shame! I didn't know you need to get approval for this sort of thing... I hope you will get some great inspiration for your bedroom.