Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blue bottles

At the old house I had a bottle tree. I had blue, purple, green and clear bottles on it. I brought the bottles with me, but left the post. It was buried in the flower bed and we were short on time and I really didn't know when or if I would get around to using my bottles again. Anywho - a while back ago I thought I would give a shot at putting them in the front flower bed. We had two pieces of rebar in the garage that we weren't using so I had hubby cut them in half and I put three bottles out in the flower bed.

They were kinda low and didn't show up much, but I left it like that for a bit to see if anything was said about my garden art.

Then we went and got another couple of pieces of rebar and I put out two more blue bottles. I like 'em! This picture was taken awhile ago and the plants in there have gone wild - I guess it was all that rain we got, but everything has grown! Including the weeds. I tried to weed some last night but the skeeters like to have carried me away so I only got about half of it done - maybe I'll get more later today. I still have more bottles - I don't know if I will add to this 'bush' or maybe start another. After the mowing and weeding is done, I'll try to get a newer pic of the flower bed.

For now, I hear doggies moving about downstairs so I better go make sure they are staying out of trouble.


Deb said...

That's really cool. Adds a great unexpected thing to the garden.

meowmomma said...

I like it! I've wanted one of those trees you spoke of, but never gotaroundtoit ~ you've seen those coins no doubt... lol maybe one of these days I'll be inspired like you and do something with my bottles. For now, they're sitting on the ledges around the screened in patio; inside from the skeeters!

Amy said...

I love blue glass. Have seen lots of these down here.

I always have a good time in Kemah. It is only a 20 drive for us. So it makes for a nice day trip. Kemah Burgers is the best place to eat. It isn't on the boardwalk, it is with the shops by the Kemah Boardwalk sign over the road. Very cheap and good.

Have a beautiful day.

annemarie said...

Love your blue bottles - hope you are keeping cool. This heat is getting the best of me.