Friday, July 2, 2010

I knew you were coming

So I baked a cake!

Okay - no one is coming, but when I went to the store the other day I thought #1 son was coming for the weekend and this cake mix just jumped in my buggy. He found out he is going to have to work and can't come but I baked the cake anyway! No company means we might paint the dining room so hubby and I can have a cake break between coats of paint. :)

A few weeks ago I made this banner. I actually had it cut out and ready to sew before Memorial Day - I'm kinda slow sometimes.

When I made this one, I made another just like it - and I'm going to give the second one away. I'll warn you ahead of time, I've made exactly two banners so don't expect too much! The ties could have been a little longer but that would have required another trip to the store and I was in the mood to sew so I worked with what I had. Yes, I know, it will be after the 4th, but call it early for Labor Day!

This 15th of this month will be 3 years of blogging for me - actually just a few days before my birthday so I'm going to have a July giveaway. I have no idea what all will be in the give-away, but the banner will be part of it.

I'll take the comments from the whole month and pick a winner around the first of next month.

Two things - since I have no idea what all will be in the package - meaning I don't know what the size or weight will be, I need to keep it in the US for mailing. The other thing is I have to be able to contact you if you win so if you post anonymously be sure to leave an email address with your comment.

Weather update -
Wednesday 100% chance of rain - we got very little
Thursday 80% chance of rain - we had slow, steady rain parts of the day, nothing terrible
Friday - 60% chance of rain - we are getting drenched! It has been raining all day - at times very heavy. Kinda wet here!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cake breaks sounds good to me! Love your banner. For whenever time of year it happens to be :)

Anonymous said...

the cake looks so very yummy! How cute is the banner! great job! love it!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Banner is so cute !!! Cake is making me hungry ! I baked a cake too !

Deb said...

That cake looks so yummy. I'm a cake fanatic so wish I was there to have some. I think that you banner is great!!

Anonymous said...

I love the banner! And the cake is perfect. I am not entering, as I won the quilted bag holder from you. Someone else gets a turn! Get to painting now! :) Terry

annemarie said...

Lovely banner - what a nice idea. I wish I could come over for some yummy cake - this rain is getting old!! I hope you did not have any flooding in your area. There seems to be so much of it around Houston. Three years of blogging is something to be proud of!

Daffycat said...

Cake? I am soooo there! Save me a big slice!

Love, love, love the patriotic banner. My DH would flip over it!

Linda said...

Tina, your banner is great and your cake looks delish....hope your 4th was grand...hugs, Linda

Vickie said...

Ooo - hate that I missed that cake. I love cake.

How's the stitchin' going, Tina? Hope you and yours are all doin' fine and dandy. I'm lookin' forward to seeing what you did to your dining room - I love changing up colors and painting a room is about the easiest and least expensive thing to do to it!

AND I wish you a little early Happy Birthday! My daughter's is this month too so we'll all be doin' some celebrating!