Thursday, November 4, 2010

I know they are coming

So I baked a cake!

The girlfriends are coming to visit so I baked a Buttermilk Pound Cake. I have taco soup in the crock pot and I'll make a pan of cornbread later. I'm also going to put together a pan of Rhoda's Baked French Toast for breakfast in the morning. Before you go thinking I'm super organized or anything crazy like that, once we pass breakfast in the morning I have no idea what we will eat!

Yesterday I showed you the two twin beds in one of the guest rooms and asked for wall color ideas. Here is a picture of the big green cabinet I said has to stay. This was the only thing the movers were unsure about when we said it needed to go upstairs. (he suggested I find a place downstairs, just in case) It was an interesting process but they got it up, so when I say it has to stay, I mean it ain't going back down those stairs until it is going out the front door! (which means if I ever decide to paint it, it will have to be painted in place)

Timothy designed and built this when he was in jr. high. (I think) He basically did it by himself except for when he needed help wrangling big sheets of wood or using the table saw. It was in his bedroom until we moved. He didn't want to move it to his apartment - I can't imagine why, he only lives on the third floor (no elevator). It is 48" W x 74" H x 25.5" D - told you it is big!

The little green rocker between the cabinet and the door was mine. I have plans to recover it sometime but haven't even looked for fabric yet. (it is vinyl right now, I think I would like some kind of chenille - and maybe paint the wood parts white) I probably won't get to that until after I paint the room.

You can also see the lovely beige carpet I have to deal with. Nothing wrong with it as far as condition, it is like new, it is just beige and it is carpet. 'Nuff said? Much as I would like wood floors, the carpet has to stay for now.

Okay - I'm off to make Baked French Toast. (it sits in the fridge overnight) I'll be back next week with some stitching pics. I have two ornaments finished (as in ready to hang on the tree), another one stitched, but not finished and yet another started!

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

What time is the shindig?? LOL I love, Love, LOVE buttermilk pound cake!! Okay, I like most all pound cakes, but the buttermilk one is awesome! Have a fun day with the girlfriends!

Linda said...

Have a wonderful visit with your girlfriends! Did you know you're serving some of my favorite you have room for one more? I do dishes...hugs, Linda

Deb said...

That pound cake looks wonderful and so does that recipe for the French Toast. I think that I'm going to have to make it. Love that green cabinet.

Deborah said...

Have a great time with your girlfriends! The food sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love the armoire, the shape of the mirrors made me think it was antique. Your foods are my favorites too! Have fun! Terry