Wednesday, November 3, 2010


One thing I can mark off the list.
I have a long list of things to paint. :)

This tray was one of them. It was dark brown and packed away in a box. I finally dug it out awhile back and gave it a coat of paint and a little scrub with some sandpaper, some glaze, and now I have a free bed tray. (forgot to take before pics)

One of the beds in the 'twin' room. The other guest room is the red/white & blue room.

Well, I had a bed tray for one bed, so I needed one for the other. I actually thought I had gotten rid of this one, but I found it in a box (while looking for something else, naturally). It was part of a Christmas gift way too many years ago to remember. It was green, but it was a 'Christmas green' so I gave it a shot of spray paint.

Now I have two free bed trays! I didn't have to buy anything for either one of them.

The black daybed is on the list of things to be painted. It was in baby boy's room at the old house and the black was perfect in there, but I think I want to paint it white to match the other bed.

This room is in need of paint too. All of the upstairs is still the fugly builders beige. I'm hoping to finish painting after the first of the year. (no sense in getting into that during the holidays - well except for maybe the unfinished part of the master bath)

Anywho - I'm thinking I want to paint this room blue. Maybe the same shade as the master bedroom, maybe not. Hubby thinks it should be green. There is a big green armoire in this room that has to stay there - it ain't going anywhere and I doubt I'll paint it anytime soon (it isn't on the list) but I don't rule it out completely. Any thoughts? Blue? Green? Some other color?

I get that spell check doesn't know 'fugly' and 'anywho' but 'armoire'? Seriously? I even got out the dictionary to make sure I had it right!


Anonymous said...

well..I would do blue. If the armoire is green, it might clash or fade into the green walls. But it would look good against blue. Cute room! Terry

Deb said...

I would do blue too.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I think it look pretty doggon fabulous myself, but blue would be a choice I'd pick :)

All things beautiful said...

Like your quilts :-) Simple but it has its charm. U made them, Tina?