Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Holiday tour, part 1

Thought I would start with the decorations in the bedrooms. There isn't a lot in the bedrooms but here we go.

This is in the master bedroom. I picked up this little wire tree a couple of years ago. I used it on the dining room table until we moved here and I put it in our room last year. This year I used blue, pink and silver ornaments on it. (and didn't notice until last night that the bow is white w/gold but I've already packed away the ribbon!)

I hung these little stocking ornaments on the shelf above the bed. The little blue shirt was hubby's, the white one was mine and the cap and booties were made by my great-grandmother for my oldest son. That's it for the master bedroom this year - now lets go upstairs to the guest rooms. :)

This little white tree usually sits in my sewing room/office but I didn't have a tree for this room so I'm using it in the 'twin room' (we call it that because it has twin beds - the other guest room is the r/w/b room) this year. It is on a bookcase between the beds. The glass nativity and candle holder are from years past also. (the candle holder has poinsettias etched in the glass)

I stitched the pillows on the beds a couple of years ago too.

The red, white and blue guest room. This room has a little more in it because I had decorated the one guest room we had at the old house with most of this stuff.

I've always wanted a feather tree, but I don't want to shell out the bucks for it. I found this tree at HL for ten bucks (it was half off) and figured it would at least give me the look on the cheap! I already had the glass ornaments and I used left over fabric from the valance to wrap around the bottom of the tree.

I've had the Santa on top for several years - I just loved him - I bought him before I even had a r/w/b room!

Again - nothing new on this table. I think next year I may try to make some kind of table cover for this little table though.

Well - that's it for the bedrooms. (since I use the 4th bedroom for a sewing room/office - and trust me you don't want to see this room right now!)

More trees tomorrow!


Patty C. said...

Your decor is so creative - It makes me wish Christmas wasn't so close so it could last longer :)

Daffycat said...

Everything is sooo pretty, Tina! I love your house.

Jan said...

It is looking a lot like Christmas!! Can't wait to see more! The outside looks great too!

All Things Beautiful said...

Am just so fascinated by your red blue & white bedroom. The first thing that caught my eye was the quilt (OK, I'm a quilt person.. LOL!)Everything just matches up... including the primitive Annie rag dolls.