Monday, September 19, 2011


I woke up to the sounds of thunder around 3:00am this morning. Went right back to sleep! I wasn't sure if there was any rain to go with it (we have been teased by thunder the past few days, with areas all around us getting rain and not getting any here)
When daylight finally dawned I looked out the window and saw this.

When I walked out to get the picture the grass crunched. The ground is still so dry. This is barely a drop in the bucket compared to how far behind we are but I'm sure the ground said 'ahhhh' as the rain was falling.
Hubby and I had a nice few days. Usually when he takes off it is because we have something on the calendar but this time we just did whatever, whenever. Not the norm for us, but it was nice! The cake tasted great (even if it looked a little whop-sided). We had cake for breakfast a few times. :)
I've managed to get my reader feed from 1000+, down to 932 but I'm sure I won't get caught up any time soon! Oh well.


Terry said...

Even your rain gauge is pink! We had rain for 3 nights in a row! Sad to think it has not rained since May. I am glad ya'll had a relaxing few days.

Mouse said...

woo hoo on the wee bit of rain every little helps ... will do a rain dance for you later and see if that helps .. glad you had a lovely relaxing break too :) love mouse xxxx