Monday, September 26, 2011

Texas must have missed the memo

The calendar says it is fall, but Texas (or at least this part) seems to have missed the memo! It is still hot and humid here.

Our plan for the weekend was to clean out the garage - well, at least get stuff back on shelves and out of the middle of the floor. First we had to go to Sam's and get another shelf unit (and put it together) which meant we didn't get started until Saturday afternoon. It was pretty hot Saturday but not as bad as Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn't finish on Saturday so we were back out there yesterday. Too bad you can't really 'sweat your a** off'.

Anywho - one of the things out there still waiting to be worked on is FIL's Army trunk. We got it empty so I can work on it (when it cools off a bit!) - it needs a good cleaning. It has been stored in a non-climate controlled environment for years and it has some kind of mildewy looking stuff in a couple of places on the outside. I haven't figured out how to clean it - any ideas? It is made of some kind of rough wood and the outside is painted black. (I should have taken a pic, my bad) I don't want to sand and paint it because it still has his name etc. painted on it and I don't want to cover that up. I'm hoping to get it cleaned up enough to bring inside and use for a coffee table in the game room.

We didn't go through everything as we were moving stuff to another container but we did find a couple of cool things I brought into the house.

an old wooden hanger. Looks like those metal clips might have been used to hang pants? They are on both sides and one on each side is snug while the other is not. I assume they got bent with use?

Also found this catalog from 1927. It was kinda wadded up in there so right now I have it resting under a stack of books.

And an old school (?) picture. It is a 5x7 print. No writing of any kind on the back. We ''think' FIL might be the second from the left in the middle row. Hubby will have to ask his mother or aunt to find out for sure.

No crafty stuff. I did put a few stitches in a stocking but no pic yet. Ran out of one of the threads so I've got to order more.

Hope you are having more fall-like weather where you are. It is still flip-flop weather here!

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