Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If it ain't broke. . .

Keep it away from me. I'll spare you the long list of things I've managed to break or screw up in the past two days, but trust me, it ain't pretty.

I was asked if I made the quilt and dolls in the guest room

No, I didn't. The middle doll was a gift from a friend (she also gave me a blue and yellow quilt that is in the master bedroom - I'll show it sometime soon), the two dolls on the outsides were made by my grandmother, from pillowcases made by my great-grandmother.

The quilt top was found in a hamper full of scraps at my grandmother's house. I assume she made it, but don't know for sure. (found it after she passed away) This was before I ever even thought I might make one myself someday so I had it quilted and had it hanging in my office/sewing room at the old house. (I've always loved quilts but never thought I would actually try making one!) Had I thought I might actually take up quilting someday, I might have kept the scraps too. :(

I may never catch up on my blog reading. I usually read blogs in the morning and evenings, downstairs on my netbook. Unfortunately my lovely friend Lola bit the dust yesterday so I'm sure I'll get even farther behind. (my reader is approaching 1000 at the moment - how many will it count before it stops?)

Hubby's b'day is tomorrow and he is treating himself to a long weekend (he took a couple of vacation days). We don't have plans to go anywhere - just hang out around here. I have some furniture that could be painted but I'll give him a break. Personally - I'm pretty much afraid to touch anything at the moment - I would probably have paint spilled everywhere. I've got a b'day cake baking so cross your fingers it comes out decent!

I'll be back next week - hopefully my dark cloud will be gone by then!


Mouse said...

ohhh dear ... well after three things gone wrong you should be ok. hope DH has a great birthday and that the cake comes out fine :) love mouse xxxx

Cindy said...

hehee....don't ya just love weeks like that!! it sets us back days....but never fear it will turn around....hope hubby has a great bday!

All things beautiful said...

Say happy birthday to your hubby from this blog friend :-) Hope u will both have a great day.