Friday, September 9, 2011

Stick a fork in it

And call it done!

I'm calling the guest room done - at least for now! No room is ever 'done' since I'm known to change things around on a whim.

First a couple of before pictures.

Obviously, these were taken at Christmas.

It's amazing what just changing the wall color can do for a room!

Most everything that is in here was already in the room but it looks so much different with blue walls compared to the boring builder beige! I painted the day bed - the black just wasn't doing it for me - I like it much better now!

I tried to work with what I already had and not buy anything new, but I did buy two dust ruffles (on sale!) I had to re-work the one for the day bed since there is no box spring to put it on. I took it apart and sewed on velcro - took a whole day, but it worked! (fyi - the sticky back side, that I put on the bed frame, is super sticky - nearly pulls the skin off your fingers!)

I pulled in a few things that had either been in other rooms or still boxed up from the move.

I painted the quilt rack and the small shelves white - much better.

Still working in plates that I had in the plate collage at the other house! Hubby keeps asking me if I bought more plates - nope, just using up what I already have! I have used them in most of the rooms inside the house, outside on the fence and in the front flower bed but I still have a few more! (sorry for the glare)

Okay - that's it for me today. I'm going to try straighten the rest of the house. Do you 'trash' the rest of the house while working on one room? I seem to - need to get things back together so I can start dragging out fall stuff - not that it feels the least bit like fall here!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Terry said...

It does look very great! I like the bed painted too. You have so many nice things for the makes me want to stitch fast! Love it!

All things beautiful said...

Lovely, Tina. I "spy" a gorgeous scrap quilt? And those 3 dolls sitting in a row...did u make them? Pretty.