Monday, November 7, 2011

A great time!

The girlfriends came Wednesday afternoon and stayed until late Saturday. We had such a great time. I really wish we could do it more often!

They brought me a pot of flowers - aren't they great? (ignore the neglected flower bed)

Of course they won't last long - which is why I didn't buy any this year but I'll enjoy them while they last. (cross my fingers and hope for Thanksgiving!) They also brought a small bundle of fabric and a flower pot (belated birthday) which I forgot to take a pic of - I'll try to get that tomorrow)

Anyway - Thursday and Friday we went to the quilt festival. Even after going for the past 6 years (I think that is how many times we have been) it always amazes me how big it is and how many people are there! We saw 'most' of it but I am sure if we went back another day we could have still seen things we missed the first two days. Sometimes the booths are just so jam-packed I just have to skip them. (it can get a bit claustrophobic!) Then on Saturday we did a bit of other shopping before they headed home. Hubby said it was really quiet here yesterday!

I also got to meet one of my blog readers. Terry doesn't have a blog, but she has been a faithful reader of my little blog since the beginning. It was so nice to finally meet her face-to-face! Of course, being the bad blogger that I am, I failed to get pictures.

I'm way behind on reading blogs and even farther behind on housework. I need to catch up on the housework before I catch up on blogs but I'll get there!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Terry said...

Hi Tina,

I think I caught the headache thing from you on Friday! I have had a headache since going to Houston and still have it..very weird. It was such fun shopping and meeting you..I could shop there for another day I think!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

So happy that you had a great time. I need to attend a quilt festival as much as I love the craft!
Your mums are beautiful. You do know that you can plant them don't you? I have planted them with great success. They get so big and reproduce year after year!

Mouse said...

so glad you had a fab time and the quilt show sounds fab :) and shame about the none photos ...well you will have to for next time :) love mouse xxxx