Monday, November 28, 2011

Popping back in

I'm back! This week might be 'hit and miss' since I'm decking the halls!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a nice weekend with the boys. (although hubby and I both had colds all weekend - I still have that scratchy throat thing going on - very frustrating!)

I'm posting a few pics for Terry (no blog) today.

I ordered some vinyl from here the week before the girlfriends came for the quilt show. It arrived the day before the girlfriends did so I was able to get it applied before they got here. I ordered the sugar and flour set (it also comes with one for powdered sugar but I don't have a canister for that so I put it aside in case I want to use it later)

I also ordered one for the pantry door. I would love to replace this door with a pretty glass door but there is storage attached to the inside of the door and I use every inch of it so since that wouldn't be practical soI thought I would shoot for prettying it up a bit. (sorry for the crooked pic)

I read the information which said it should be applied to smooth surfaces - my doors are textured but I was willing to take the chance and it worked just fine. I think it adds 'just enough'.

In other news - could you keep my friend, Sarah, and her husband, Joe, in your prayers. (Sarah is one of 'the girlfriends'). Joe had a heart attack yesterday. Thankfully he was at home when it happened and they got him to the hospital quickly. I talked to Sarah this morning - he is doing well and should be released by Wednesday.


Karen said...

I will keep Sarah and Joe in my prayers. I'm glad he's ok.

Happy Holidays! I miss you.


Mouse said...

love the signs and hope your friends hubby is feeling much better now :) love mouse xxxx