Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If only

If only things went according to plans and I could actually cross things off my list on the day I intend to get them done, I would have a nice clean, completely decorated house by now and I would also have all my shopping done and wrapped so I could sit back and have fun crafting and baking for Christmas. Well, things never work that way - at least not for me!

All the decorations are out - I just can't crop enough crap out of the pictures to show much yet, so we will start with the coat rack I showed you here.

I used it to hang our stockings, but thought it looked a little bare with just the stockings so I added some lighted garland. Not a bad substitute for a mantle.

A close up of the snowmen that are twisted into the garland. I've had this for a long time - I used to use it over the window in my kitchen (at the last house) but hadn't found a place to use it here until now.

We won't even go into how far behind I am in reading blogs but I'm pretty sure it is going to get worse before it gets better.

I best get busy. Want to have a package ready to mail to baby boy and his bride tomorrow - I want to make sure it has plenty of time to make it to New York before Christmas!


Mouse said...

ooo it looks good with all the stockings hung there ... and don't panic you're not the only one wayyyy behind hahaha :) love mouse xxx

Terry said...

It is gorgeous with that lighted garland on top! I love it! I have a messy house to clean and NOTHING done for Christmas yet..at least maybe your pics will inspire me......

Lee said...

Your stockings and lights look terrific. I had to laugh about cropping pictures - I crop like mad! Even though I try to take photos that don't show any of my mess, it inevitably sneaks in and then I have to crop it out!