Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love picket fences!

I've always loved picket fences. Had one planned at the last house but we never got to it before we moved. :(

The houses on this street are calling for picket fences - but whoever wrote the deed restrictions apparently didn't see their charm and they aren't allowed. :(

Last night, hubby and I were driving around looking at Christmas lights and look what we found

Houses with picket fences!

Aren't they yummy? So, this is a circle and all the houses had these fences in front and they were all lit up - the center of the circle (grassy area) was even all decorated and had a little train riding around it. Anyway - several people were outside chatting with people as they drove by so I asked if they always had the fences up or if they just used them for Christmas. The lady said they only use them for Christmas - would probably get a letter if they left them up. Well, my head goes to spinning! I might not get to have a fence all year, but I'm totally putting this on the list for next year - at least I could get one for a month! Gotta measure and see how many sections it would take and watch for it to be on sale! Surely we can find space to store a few fence sections in the garage! I'm thinking we might have to go back for another look-see and more pictures! There was a bit of traffic - this neighborhood was shown on the news a few weeks back and we had already made several trips around the circle. :)

We just drove around that area (one we had never been to before) looking for streets that were pretty well lit up. This house had something in every window.

Santa was front and center!

Then we saw this HUGE magnolia tree all lit up. I'm not sure you can tell (maybe if you click and enlarge) but there is a two-story house behind it and the tree is twice as tall as the house! Lights all the way to the top of the tree. Awesome.

Timothy will be here this evening. I've got Chicken Tortilla Soup in the crock pot so dinner will be ready and waiting. I put sausage balls in the freezer (our traditional Christmas breakfast!) this afternoon too. I'm slowly making progress! (although I still have 1000+ feeds to get through!)

Tomorrow I'll show you the lights in our neighborhood.


Terry said...

ok, now you are making me want sausage balls! Beautiful photos!

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