Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Out back

When Timothy was here for Thanksgiving he helped hubby take my 'garden house' to the patio. I've been wanting her back outside for awhile now but I knew it would be a big job. (I love her but she really needs to live outside) We had to take the handles off to get her in the bedroom - she is heavy and when you take the handles off she is just plain hard to move around, plus since that time the DVD cabinet has been moved into the little hallway outside the bedroom so I knew that would have to be moved. I did not know we would have to take the back door off!

If you are new here you might not know about my garden house - you can go here to read about how she came to be. She lived on the front porch at the old house but has lived in the master bedroom since she was deemed unsuitable for the front porch at this house.

Since she is once again living outside, I decided to decorate her for Christmas again. (she was always decorated for the seasons before she was moved inside) Now I can see her from my stitching chair and from my kitchen sink! (just the top, but I can see her and that makes me happy!)

So far, that is it for pictures. I got a package in the mail for baby boy and his bride this morning and now I'm working on getting things back in order so I can take some more pictures of the inside. (and outside for that matter, but it has turned cold - and gets colder when it is dark enough for the outside lights to come on!) Not sure if any of those 'crafty' things are going to take place or not but getting things somewhat back in order is the first step! Here's hoping I have new pictures for tomorrow!


Terry said...

That is very Christmassy and makes me happy too! How pretty!

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Very pretty! I love decorating for Christmas!