Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christmas in April?

Well, kinda.

I picked up several of these little pre-printed ornament kits at the quilt festival, but of course I didn't get any of them stitched before Christmas. I finally got one stitched - hopefully I can get it made into an ornament before Christmas this year!
Sorry for the crappy photo. The piece isn't as wrinkled as it looks - something goofy going on with the picture but I didn't notice it until after it was loaded on the computer and I don't have time to retake it. I'll take a better one when I get the ornament finished. (or at least I will try!)

I know I owe several people emails and responses to comments, I just haven't had time to get to all of them. I have hopes of things getting back on a normal schedule next week - at least for a short while!


Terry said...

oh cute! I wanted some of those kits so badly, but I knew it would be forever till I got them made. That is precious!

Mouse said...

ohh that's cute ...didn't realise there was anything wrong with the photo
don't panic we know you are busy .... :) love mouse xxxx