Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The first thing you notice about the new computer happens before you ever enter the room. (Above is a picture of the old one - it is still sitting on the floor, just in case) Anyway - as soon as you hit the top of the stairs, you notice how quiet it is up here. I knew the old one was loud but I didn't realize how loud until Timothy started up the new one! Can't even hear it running. I keep thinking something is wrong. I can even hear the clock ticking now!

This is the best I can do as far as a picture of the new one goes - it is nice and shiny (with more than a few fingerprints) so there is a glare from every angle. I would show you the whole desk area, but it is a disaster!
As you can see, I have come up with a (temporary) solution to photos. I went back to my pre-picnik days and reloaded the editor from picturetrail until I have time to figure out something else.
Timothy was such a huge help over the weekend. Not only did he take care of my computer, he helped move some furniture. (You know how when you move one thing it always leads to more!) Getting to spend 4 days visiting with him was a bonus!
I did figure out how to go back to the old blogger - don't know how long it will be available but I'll put off learning anything new as long as I can!
I'll try to show something more interesting tomorrow - not too interesting since I'm pretty boring these days! Oh - and my blog reader currently sits at 841 unread posts. I guess that is better than 1000+.

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