Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I need to take new pictures

I took these last week when I got back from J'ville. Hubby did a good job of keeping them watered while I was gone. (okay - he always does a better job of keeping them watered than I do!)

Blue daze on the patio

This hydrangea is supposed to be blue - hopefully it will turn as it gets bigger!

This is our attempt to hide the utilities - you can partially see them in this close up, but it works pretty good at hiding them from the patio.

I've never had any luck with keeping mums. Usually once the initial blooms are gone (like before Thanksgiving) the rest of the plant goes down hill quickly but this is the one the girlfriends brought when they came in November. It has been sitting on the bench in the back yard all this time. It was barely covering half the container a few weeks ago and now look! When I stuck that landscape light in there you could see the whole thing, now you can barely see it. I need to take new pics because those buds are starting to open up!

The (plastic) container this hosta was in broke a few weeks ago so I re-potted it in this clay one. I think it is very happy in it's new home!

We had a lot of rain Sunday night and yesterday. I think we ended up with close to 3 inches here - the yard and plants are happy! I'll try to get some newer pictures later today.


Daffycat said...

LOL I can be sooo lazy about the yard work! I admit my DH is much better at consistency than I am.

The Hydrangea needs a supplement to turn blue. Go to the garden center and get a bag of aluminum sulfate. Sprinkle that around the base of the plant a couple times a year to keep them blue! See here:


Debbie P. said...

Wow, you've got a great start to the season! If you want your mums to hold-off blooming until fall, just pinch them back a few times during the spring/summer and that will encourage them to get bushier too.