Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One lonely picture

Just a quick fly-by post.

One would think that after spending a full week with family there would be pictures to show for it. One would be wrong. This one picture is all I came home with. :(

Remember I told you I would be visiting with family last week? Two of my mother's (three) siblings came to Texas for the week. They flew here from Washington and South Carolina. We picked them up at the airport (a whole story in itself!) then I took them to my parent's for the week. My aunt also had her 13 yr old grandson with her (poor guy, it was his spring break and there is nothing to do in J'ville!) so that was 3 extra people at my parents house. Funny how there were 5 of us in the same house when I still lived at home (I have one brother and one sister) but the house seems smaller now! I slept at Sarah's - she runs a pretty good B&B. Fresh coffee every morning! :)

Anyway - I don't think anyone pulled out a camera all week, but Friday night when I got back to Sarah's I found these roses on the dresser along with a note from Sarah's granddaughter so I snapped a pic. Pitiful isn't it. A whole week with family and the only picture I come home with is this one. I'm so ashamed.

So, I'm back, but still no time for blogging. Several weeks ago I signed us up for the neighborhood garage sale and it is this weekend. Sarah deflated my balloon this morning by informing me there is no garage sale fairy to come in the middle of the night and gather everything up and get it ready. I'm so disappointed. I don't have a lot of stuff since I've been taking stuff to Goodwill on a regular basis but what I do have is boxed up and stored in the garage. I really should go through closets and drawers too. . .

I did get a little applique done while I was gone along with a little embroidery on a Christmas ornament - hopefully I can show you those next week.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Terry said...

yay! I missed your posts so much! The roses are beautiful. Good luck with the garage sale! :) Terry

Tracey said...

Don't feel bad about the picture thing... we've all been in that same boat at one time or another. I'm sure you have lots of wonderful memories of your time spent together that week even without the physical pictures.

When you get a minute, be sure to check out our latest post on our blog... there is something on there for you :^)

Anonymous said...


A beautiful rose!

Good luck with your garage sale.

Carol said...

hey Tina - I completely understand the picture thing - I've done the same myself too many times to count! Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog earlier - I answered you question about the corner thingie! Good luck with the Garage Sale!
Hugs -
Carol @arewethereyet