Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The chair

This is what hubby wanted for Father's Day.

We ordered it in April and picked it up a couple of weeks ago (in the middle of working on the kitchen) You can kinda tell the color but it definitely looked greener in the store than it does in my living room.

I tried to help it, but there is just only so much you can do. It is a recliner - have I told you how much I dislike recliners? Nothing wrong with sitting in them, and I will admit it is comfortable, but it is a recliner. We looked and looked for one that didn't look like a recliner but he never could find one that he thought was comfortable. Oh well. Do you notice anything in this picture?

Yep - two weeks later and the tag is still on. I think I'll start calling him Mr. Minnie Pearl.

For those of you who have asked (and thank you for asking!) Autumn is better. Still limping, but not as bad and if you call her to eat she can move as fast as ever!


vintage grey said...

Looks like a comfy and cozy chair! You touch of the quilt petties it up and is the perfect touch!! xo Heather

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I am laughing at Mr Minnie Pearl!! I am sure he will not let that recliner go back.. Tell him to take that tag off. lol They are comfortable. I have one I sit in to stitch.

Deb said...

Oh lord, I'm with you on the recliners. I hate them too. I did find one that doesn't look like a recliner (had the price tag that would shock). My husband says it's the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Oh well, he tried it out at the store and said it was fine, so he's stuck with it.

Funny about the tag. Definitely something that my husband would do!!

All things beautiful said...

Blogger is playing tricks on me! I posted a comment here but it seems to have gone missing after I tried to prove I was not a robot!!! LOL! Anyway, I love the touch of pink & green on that neutral brown :-)