Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plastic-ware and a lame dog

Seriously, how much plastic-ware does one person need? And - I had already gotten rid of some back when we had the garage sale in April! I used to buy lots of snack stuffs in bulk at Sam's so I did use those large containers at one time. I had a house full of teenage boys - mine plus the friends they always had over. Man can they go through the food. They were there so much they would even put stuff on the shopping list (I kept a running list on the side of the fridge) when we were out!
Anyway - I put all the lids and containers together to make sure everything had a mate (one lonely lid went in the trash). This was split between two cabinets (meaning it was taking up 4 of 10 shelves!) I was determined to get it all into one (2 shelves) hubby said I couldn't do it. The stack in the middle of the back has two sets of large containers - I ditched one set. The 2qt pitcher (there is another 2qt pitcher behind some of the bowls - from Pampered Chef, I kept that one) and the Velveeta keeper went too. That's it. Everything else went in one cabinet!

Really, why do men doubt us? I LOVE my pull-out shelves!

Autumn had issues last week. Not sure what her thing was but she just wasn't herself. She was just moping around. She seemed better by the weekend though and we though things were fine. Until she got a bath on Sunday. Don't know what happened but we could tell she was in pain and she would not use her front paw (not sure if it was the leg or paw) anyway - this is what she did the rest of the day. Hubby took her to the vet first thing Monday morning - nothing broken and no visible injury but she gave her pain meds and something for inflammation. She is much better - open the food container or pull out the leash and she is bouncing on all-fours but I think she is still playing the sympathy card! Just like kids who never grow up! This picture was yesterday but she is doing the same thing today. Maybe it is the heat, 'cause dude, it is HOT!

I started an applique class Monday - we have homework. Learning three different methods. This week was spray starch - next week is freezer paper, then back basting. Need to finish the block for this week and my house is still in recovery mode from working on the kitchen. (as in the rest of the house took a ride in a hand-basket if ya know what I mean!)


Mouse said...

ohhh well done with the tupperaware ... have a cupboard just like that ...
awwwww poor wee furbaby hope she is feeling much better now ???
and ooooo with the class's sounds fun :)
love mouse xxxxx

Terry said...

How is Autumn now?

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Catching up on my blog reading.. I had tons of lids and no containers. I always wonder what happened to the containers...