Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Onions, taters, peas and 'maters!

Took a little break from the kitchen and went to J'ville on Monday - lookie what came home with me yesterday! All this came from Daddy's garden. I've got the peas shelled - two bags are in the freezer and the rest are in a pot on the stove for dinner tonight. Have a meatloaf ready to go in the oven and I'm going to cut up some taters and onions to cook. I'll slice a couple of 'maters and dinner will be done! Yummm.

I know this blog has been pretty boring as of late - thanks to all of you that are still stopping by! I sometimes feel like I should change the name of my blog since so little stitching goes on around here these days. I feel like such a fraud! Honestly, I wanted a different name when I started but everything I tried that had 'yellow house' or yellow cottage' in the name came up as already in use and I came up with this out of frustration (knowing that it would never be just a stitching blog). I guess I really should have taken more time to think on the name. Oh well, after all this time I guess it is too late to change.

Gotta go check on my peas! Hope you are having a great week!


annemarie said...

For some reason I have been unable to comment on your posts - just realized now it is a popup blocker - wonder how that can be??? I clicked on it and it let me comment. I am not a computer person so this was just luck. Don't change your name - we would never find you!! I am impressed with the haul from your Dad's garden - even with this horrible heat, his plants survived. He must be a master gardener!!

vintage grey said...

What kind of peas are those? Looks like you will be cookin' up something good!! xo Heather

Melody said...

Your veggies look good. What kind of peas? I don't think I've seen any that color.

There's nothing that tastes as good as fresh veggies from the garden!