Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Or, I can't come up with a title. Not that I don't wish you a happy day - just, well, you get the idea. Not only do I not have a witty title, I don't have a witty post. :(

Since I don't have anything crafty to show, I thought I would show an update on one of the plants that seems to be doing well at the moment. (most of them are NOT doing well) Anyway - I planted this Lantana in April

Now look at it! (this is the 'back side - the side I see out the front door)

and this is the front (street) side (like the first picture)

I wish I could say the Lantana in the hanging baskets is doing as well but I'm afraid those baskets are about on the list of things to replace. As much as I LOVE hanging baskets on a porch (especially ferns but I gave up on those last year) I am about ready to just hang wind chimes on the front porch hooks - they wouldn't have to be watered!


All things beautiful said...

I love your Latanas :-)

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Lookin' good! We're having 100+ degree temps right now and keeping the plants alive is a major challenge! I lost several plants last year due to the extreme heat so I'm really doing a LOT of watering in hopes of saving them. :/