Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back to 2012 - pictureless post. :(

Do you back up your hard drive? I know all the bloggers that are using their blogs to make money do, but just the everyday, just for fun, not running a business off of it kinda computer person, like me. Let me just say - do as I say, not as I do - or don't do as in this case.
Sometime overnight Tues/Wed last week, my hard drive crashed. I knew something was wrong as soon as I hit the top of the stairs because I could hear something clicking (my computer runs super quiet). The last thing you want to see before you even have your first cup of coffee is a black screen with the words 'no boot drive available' splashed across it.
This is relatively new computer - not in tech years but in $$ years - we bought it in April 2012. My super computer guru (aka: Timothy) came down for a few days and helped me set it up - okay maybe not so much helped, he kinda just did it. Transferred everything I needed from my old computer to the new one and when everything was in place and working he backed it up on an external hard drive. Unfortunately that drive has been sitting on top of the computer since April 2012 collecting dust. He stayed up last night until midnight reinstalling everything off that disk. So I have pretty much everything I had up until that point,. No pictures from that date forward until I install my camera software and download pictures again. Thankfully when my memory chip in the camera gets full, I just buy a new one and save the old one so any photos that I took will still be there but anything I got from someone else is probably lost forever.
Might be awhile before I get another post up, but I'm still here!

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Terry said...

I admire anyone who can figure out how to even do a blog! I am so sorry that his happened, Tina. I am thankful to have boys and a hubby who can help me too. That is a good idea about the camera chip! Hugs, Terry ps..maybe my photo blew it