Friday, February 7, 2014

Quilt number 3

This is the quilt I made for baby boy. I had a really hard time with his because I had something specific in mind and I looked and looked and looked, but never found fabric with the theater masks on them. I could find Mardi Gras stuff but I wanted black and white comedy/tragedy faces for my focal fabric then was going from there. (if you are new here, baby boy is an actor)

 I came across a couple of the prints in this quilt and bought them in case I ended up not finding my first choice, then I found a couple of the other fabrics and bought them. I had no specific pattern in mind so I just bought a yard of this, two yards of that and hoped I could find a pattern that would work. I knew I needed something with big blocks so there would be big enough blocks to see the prints on the fabrics. I found this pattern in a magazine - I have the information written down somewhere and I'll come back and edit it in when I find it. The fabrics came some several different sources and unfortunately I don't remember where I got what. (I hope you can click the photo and see the fabrics better)

I really like the filmstrip fabric and was hoping I had enough for the back but I didn't. I did however have some big pieces of several of the fabrics so I made a striped back out of some of the leftovers..

I still have the one I made for baby boy's bride to show - I'll try to get it up next week.

Hope you have a great weekend. It's cold here - you can't see my Tiffany blue toenails when I"m wearing boots - I'm ready for flip-flops. (which if you live in Texas, you know that could be tomorrow!)


Terry said...

I love those fabrics! Great job!

Robin in Virginia said...

Another super quilt, Tina! Hope it warms up soon for you!

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia