Saturday, December 28, 2019

More Christmas Photos

I only  have two new ornaments on the tree this year

One is from our trip to New York - it was a little hard to photograph but it's from The Empire State Building.

This is the only stitched ornament I have for this year.

It was close - I was the first one up on Christmas morning and I sewed the bells on while I was having coffee, so it was actually hanging on the tree on Christmas Day. The pattern is from Little House Needleworks but mine has some 'modifications'. For some reason I had a hard time counting on this piece so I did a lot of frogging. I think the snow people and the heart are the only things that are as charted, the rest, I just winged it. Since this is our 40th Christmas I added our names and dates. The fabric is what I backed it with. (and yes, I'm aware my loop and bells are a little off center - I can live with it)

Our Christmas was a little different this year. 
I saw this on Facebook and had to make one.
Just a little nod to those who are no longer with us.

Your have seen this white cabinet many times since it's my favorite place to decorate for holidays.

It's basically the same as it was last year. 

Christmas Eve I ended up having to make a drug store run and Marshall's is two doors down so I popped in to see what I could find. I thought this sign would fit on the front side of my tray but it was too big so I stuck it on the back side.

Also found this little ornament.

My Rae Dunn collection is relatively small, but this is the piece I have been looking for. 
When we were coming back from Charleston in May, we took breaks every time we were close to a Home Goods so I could look for a coffee canister. Daddy really doesn't get it but he indulged. 
This was my Christmas gift from Daddy! I was shocked to say the least! 
Thanks Daddy.
Love you!


Robin in Virginia said...

Love your coffee cannister from your Daddy! I never knew anything about Rae Dunn stuff until I started browsing Instagram. Love your stitched ornament, Tina! Always enjoy seeing your white cabinet decorated! What do you have your tree by the white cabinet sitting in? And I would love more details about the 'Heaven' piece you created!

Terry said...

So sweet. Hugs.