Monday, December 30, 2019

Our House at Christmas

Hubby and middle kidlet got busy over Thanksgiving to get the outside of the house ready for Christmas. Just their little tradition.

The garland/lighting around the arch is new this year as is the snowflake over the arch. You can't really tell what it is in this photo but it is a snowflake. Just looks like a white blob in the photo. I don't know how many tips it has on it but it came in a small box and every last one of them had to be pulled out and shaped! It will get hung somewhere for storage - not folding it up to store!

From across the street. These were taken before we wrapped the poles with red ribbon - it was temporarily misplaced.

Kidlet had to head home on Friday but will come back in a week or so to help take it all down.

That's it for Christmas decor here this year. Not sure how long I will leave it up (inside) - I guess until the mood strikes me to take it down. Outside will come down when the kidlet returns. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Tina, I love the outside Christmas lights and d├ęcor. So pretty!

Jan said...