Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Finished. . .or no?

I managed to get the rest of the sampler stitched last night (except for the two stitches for the door handle) but I still haven't decided on the band near the bottom (with the 3 flower motifs) Some people were putting their pets there. I can't decide. I guess I will spend a few days looking at it and going through charts to see if I come up with anything. I kind of think it needs a little something there. I'm also thinking it may need a little something at the top between the house and verse - maybe a few simple birds or something. Just looks a little bare to me. (it is still on the scroll rods and hasn't been pressed - how it got that huge wrinkle while on scroll rods, I don't know!)

On a totally different subject - it's my week to cook for stitch night and I have no idea what I want to make. I'm leaning towards brownies for dessert (I always pick dessert first!) but have no idea for the meal. We are stitching on Thursday this week - I need to decide in case I have to pick up anything at the store.

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