Monday, August 20, 2007

Fresh baked

cookies! Okay - they aren't fresh this morning, but they were yesterday when I took the picture. Pretty slow weekend around here. A little cooking, a little stitching, not much else going on. Looks like Dean is going to stay south enough to not even drop any rain here, so that is a good thing. (we could use a little rain, but not the kids with high winds etc. that knocks out power!) I know it hasn't been as hot this summer as it usually is here, but I'm ready for fall. Not winter - I don't like the really cold weather any more than I like the really hot weather. 70-75 would be just about perfect. Not that I am picky or anything!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
You would have loved the weather in Cali, it was 70-75 degrees everyday for the 2 weeks I was there, it really made it nice to be there. I am not used to this hot weather in Texas yet but my husband says I am lucky because I missed most of the really hot weather of the last few weeks.

Best thing about Cali is the weather and the "no mosquito's".

Keep stiching and baking. :) Bren

Esther Sunday said...

Glad Dean is deciding to go easy on you. Artie and I spent a week in Negril, Jamaica, in January. Our thoughts go out to those wonderful people! On, and those temps you like? Do I need to say more? There should be a law that the temps need to be in that range! Love, Esther

TinaTx said...

I'm sure I would love the weather in Cali, but they have these little things called earthquakes out there! LOL No skeeters would be good.
Yes, it was pretty dang hot the past couple of weeks - although not as hot as it usually is this time of year.
Glad you had a good time!

TinaTx said...

Thanks Esther.
Montego Bay was one of the stops on the cruise hubby and I took a couple of years ago. He said he didn't think you could make those people mad! Everyone was so nice! We were only there for the one day but I can see spending a week there!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, those look yummy!! Can I get a care package?? :)) And I agree with you about the weather!

TinaTx said...

They were good! LOL There are no such things as left overs when the kids come in!