Friday, August 10, 2007

a 'former' cover girl

Well - not me but my stitching! A long time ago (15 years more or less) I stitched models for The Needlecraft Shop. This set of three towels were the first thing that landed on a cover of one of their magazines. (this magazine is the Jan-Feb 1994 issue) They used to publish two cross stitch magazines along with a couple of plastic canvas ones and I think crochet. Sadly, they no longer publish a cross stitch magazine (as far as I know) I would stitch the item and turn them in and most of them I never saw again (except in the magazines!) but this set of towels I did get back to keep. I have them hanging in my bathroom from a shelf my dad built for me several years ago.


Melissa said...

Hey Tina -
Finally got around to commenting on some blogs. I've been reading yours regularly since you came to visit mine. Your towels are great. I also love what you did with your bathroom. Thanks also for the blog link to Cherry Hill Cottage. I would sooo like my house to look/have that cottagy feel.
PS: I finally updated my blog too. Take a peak.

TinaTx said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for the compliments on the towels and the bathroom. I'll try to show a pic of the other side sometime soon. Don't you just love Cherry Hill Cottage?
I tried to view your blog but the link takes me to a single post from 2005.

Melissa said...

Oops, sorry. Gave you the wrong addy. Go to:

That should take you to the right one.

Michelle said...


I visited your blog from Yahoo's Great Cross Stitch.. I love your bathroom! I'm also a milk glass collector.. I think I lost count at 150 pieces - I have some in my bathroom too -- your towels are beautiful! Once again, you have inspired me!

TinaTx said...

Thanks Michelle! I don't have nearly as much milk glass as you do! LOL Up until we repainted the bathroom and I that little shelf I only had one piece (in the fuest room) but that green shelf was just calling out for milk glass! I've picked up a few more pieces since I got those. Would love to see pictures or yours.

Anonymous said...

I guess to show you my milk glass, I need to create one of these blogs! One day..soon!

Michelle :)

TinaTx said...

Absolutely Michelle! I've been reading them for about a year and a half and kept resisting - I mean my life is so boring! I gave in to the 'gentle prodding' though and I'm rather enjoying it so far. I really enjoy the nice comments. Thanks for stopping by!