Saturday, August 18, 2007

scissor fob

Just hanging out not doing a lot today. Kind of nice for a change. (not that I shouldn't be doing any number of things, but they aren't going anywhere!) Yesterday I pulled the beast (aka - sewing machine)out of the closet and sewed up this scissor fob. I finished the stitching a couple of days ago. I think it could stand a little more stuffing, but as it's just for me, I'm not going to take it apart to add any! I have it on my 'Glory' scissors. It is a companion piece to the needleroll we stitched at the get-away in March. Well, some of us started the needleroll in March, but we won't say when we finished it! There is also a pillow that goes with, but I haven't started it yet.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I was looking at some of the Sweetheart Tree fobs.. thinking of making one myself! Are needle rolls difficult to do?


Esther Sunday said...

Gosh, pretty nice! Love the colors! Love, Esther Sunday!

TinaTx said...

Michelle - Thanks. No, needlerolls aren't hard. The hardest part is turning the little suckers right side out after you have sewn it up!