Friday, March 28, 2008


Just a quick post. I took some pictures this morning because it is supposed to rain all weekend and that will probably be the end of these blooms.

While I was outside I spotted this guy on the window screen.

Too bad no one is working on an insect collection at the moment!
I'm heading out in a bit to a weekend stitching retreat. I'm sure I'll have something to report when I get back.
Have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Great photos Tina!

Have a wonderful weekend at your retreat.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Thank- you for the pictures of the beautiful Spring flowers. Have a beautiful weekend....Mary

Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I'll trade you what I have outside for what you have outside. . . Ok, so you probably don't want my snow. Yes, it snowed more today - and is still snowing. When will it end so I can have pretty flowers, too?

Rue said...

Beautiful pictures Tina! The bug is kinda freaking me out though LOL

Have a great weekend,
rue :)

Vickie said...

Hi, Tina - thanks for stopping by with well wishes. I hope you have a great stitching weekend with your buddies. Love your wisteria - I miss mine. It overtook several of our trees and we had to take it out. It was beautiful when they blossoms fell tho - looked like lavender snow! Vickie

Esther Sunday said...

Hope you had a good stitching weekend! I am sure you will appreciate my mom's cross stitch that I posted a picture of today! Love, Esther

Kathy said...

The wisteria is particularly beautiful. Wish is was warm enough around here to see some flower growth.

Have fun at your stitching retreat. My Monday night stitcher group is having an overnight in a couple of weeks. I know it will be fun.

Margo said...

Love the flowers, I love East TX in the Spring. What a beautiful bug, Ain't God amazing to make creatures that look so much like their surroundings. It just amazes me whenever I see these and those stick bugs. Thanks for the pics.